Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a 40 minute drive from the Whispering Pines

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Yellowstone National Park

US National Parks Yellowstone

Island Park Reservoir

Island Park Reservoir is just a short walk from Whispering Pines.  

Place to dock boats etc. is close to cabin and beaches are near as well.  Boating and Personal Watercraft invited.  

Fishing is amazing as well.  Rainbow Trout is the big catch here.  Rainbow/cutthroat hybrids, Kokanee, Whitefish and Brook Trout are also popular.

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Fish and Game Idaho

Idaho Fishing 2016-2018

Famous Henry's Fork Fly Fishing

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Henry's Fork Anglers

Greater Yellowstone Fishing


Island Park gets an average of 229 inches of snow every year!

Hundreds of thousands of acres of open to visitors.  Over 950 miles of trails with tons of off-trail opportunities as well.  Fun for all riding styles.  Island Park is one of Idaho's least restricted areas.  SnoWest Magazine ranks Island Park in the Top 5 snowmobiling destinations.   

Don't miss riding Island Park's famous Two Top Mountain through the Meadow Creek Loop.  Leave right from Whispering Pine's front door!

They have 4 full time groomers operating daily to keep the trails ready for visitors. 

Here is some links to snowmobile trail maps.  

Ashton and Island Park Trial Maps

Rexburg Map

Idaho Falls and Swan Valley

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High Mountain Adventures

Island Park Polaris

Island Park Rentals

Mack's Inn Playhouse

Your Home for GUT BUSTIN' Musical Spoofs!

Dinner and Show.

For tickets call:  208-558-7871

Mack's Inn Playhouse

Harriman State Park

Phone #:  208-558-7368

Over 11,000 acres.  Part of the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, including the Henry's Fork Caldera. 

Henry's Fork is well known for it's world class Fly Fishing streams that run through the park. 

Wildlife siting's.  Moose, Elk, Sandhill Cranes, Trump Swans, and Black and Grizzly Bears. 

Harriman State Park is a premier Nordic Ski area in the winter.  24 miles of groomed trails for skate and classic skiing, snow shoeing and fat bike riding.    There is a warming hut and restrooms available at the entrance. 

There is no snowmobiling in the park boundaries so it has a very peaceful feel.

Trails are well marked.  Hiking and Mountain Biking in the summer.   The trail around Silver Lake is a nice ride.  

Bring your binoculars for some great bird watching. 

Beautiful views of the Tetons.  

Harriman State Park

Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing for any skier, any level, any style!

Here's a link to find out about all the local trails.  Greater Yellowstone XC Skiing Just scroll down a bit and it lists all the trailheads and where to find them.  

Tons of options locally in the Island Park/Ashton area, and more the surrounding areas.  

Harriman State Park has 21 miles of trails.  A nice warming hut and restrooms at the entrance.  

Hiking for all levels

1.8 mile trail Henry's Fork Harriman State Park

4.1 mile trail Henry's Fork Box Canyon

7.3 miles Rock Creek Basin Trail

12.4 miles Targhee Creek Trail

39.5 miles Island Park to Old Faithful

Ice Fishing

Mesa Falls

Famous Henry's Fork Fly Fishing

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Henry's Fork Anglers

Greater Yellowstone Fishing

Mesa Falls